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Billy Rocker

Licensed Broker - Email
Billy Rocker was born in Kissimmee FL. Billy is married to his high school sweetheart and they are the proud parents of 3 girls. You can find the Billy and his family attending First Baptist Church of St.Cloud every Sunday.

At age 4 until the age of 8, he lived on his father's Cattle Ranch and Sugar Cane Farm in Australia, where the family also owned a Fat Boy's BBQ. From age 9-14, the Rocker family moved to a Cattle Ranch in the Ozarks of Arkansas where Billy's mother owned a diner across the courthouse. Finally, at age 17 Billy opened up his first business enterprise.

Billy's first business enterprise was a fruit stand for Rocker Fruit Co. in Kissimmee. His success allowed him to open another, then another, and another. He also purchased and planted over 100 acres of citrus in St. Cloud Florida. He presently owns 2 mini storage facilities (Rockers Lockers). Multi-tenant commercial buildings, free standing commercial buildings, billboards, and other investments also add to his list of investment properties. Billy has also bought, sold & developed residential properties. Phase II of Old Hickory Center (30,000 square foot commercial strip center) has begun construction and should be completed by October 2006. Billy has also purchased net-leased properties. He and his wife, Jeannie, own a Dollar General in Shreveport, Louisiana as well.

Beginning in March of 2010, Billy and Jeannie started buying and selling foreclosed properties and bank notes right on the Osceola courthouse steps. He buys and sells residential as well as commercial properties.

Since age 15 until the present day, Billy is an influential and distinguished entrepreneur in the Central Florida area and maintains a strong presence in many industries from property management, worldwide travel, internet technologies, and storage facilities. If you are in search for an honest, hardworking expert in many fields, Billy Rocker is your man.


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