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The beutiful lake Tohopekaliga!

Kissimmee Florida Real Estate

Old Town, a Local Attraction!Located directly in the center of Florida the city of Kissimmee can be found just under Orlando. The city is perfectly positioned for all the entertainment and attractions that make the area so popular. The center of Kissimmee is just moments away from the entrance to the Walt Disney World Resort as well as just a short drive away from the Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure theme parks. This makes it perfect for the wide variety of vacation homes that can be found in the area. With other more local entertainment to be found the Kissimmee area is rich with its own attractions.

The city of Kissimmee has been around since the mid nineteenth century; however its name was Allendale until 1883 when the town became a city. The rapid growth of the area during the mid 1800s can primarily be attributed to Hamilton Disston who constructed a two-million acre operation for drainage out of the small town. Disston made a deal with Florida which at the time was financially unstable that if drained the land that was currently a swamp he would receive half of what he made habitable. This would make Disston the largest landowner in all the United States.

In his efforts to drain the land Disston realized that he would need steamboats, and he began to construct the industry by ferrying people and goods into the area. With the South Florida Railroad nearing completion it swayed slightly off its original course to pass by Tohopekaliga. These two progressions made Kissimmee a central trade and travel route for all of Florida. In the later years Kissimmee would become a primary source for the citrus industry in the U.S. However, Kissimmee saw its economic boom when Walt Disney World was successfully opened in 1971 bringing people from all over the world to the area.

Kissimmee harbors one of the most popular lakes in all of Central Florida, and just about everywhere you look you can find lakefront housing along its waters. Lake Tohopekaliga has been deemed the “Fishing Capital of Florida,” repeatedly over the years and it’s easy to see why. This lake houses a wide variety of freshwater fish that you can catch right out of your back yard. However everyone knows that lakes aren’t just for fishing and the water sports in the area thrive on these calm waters. The massive lake spans an astonish forty two miles in circumference, so it is easy to see why it has become an icon for the city of Kissimmee.

Some of the beautiful homes in Kissimmee!With such a large lake the Kissimmee area is full of lakefront properties. Whether you’re directly on Tohopekaliga or looking for a property on one of the many surrounding lakes, ponds and canals you can be sure to fund a waterfront property in the area.

In early 2000 the Central Florida area became the “Number one visited destination for vacations.” Because of Kissimmee’s location you can find an abundance of vacation homes in the area. Some of the most impressive vacation homes can be found in Windsor Hills, just moments away from the Walt Disney World entrance. One of the most coveted developments in the area is the Celebration Community, a project of the Walt Disney Company nearly twenty years ago. However the area is absolutely full of homes, developments and communities that make the area a prime choice for home owners.

The list of available Elementary Schools, Middle Schools and High Schools is far too long to list, and that doesn’t even include private schools! Having so many options means that if you choose to purchase a house in the area you can be sure that your child can get the education he or she needs! The schools in the area are under a strict code and only offer the best of the best when it comes to teaching, and in the past years the schools have won awards for their institutes!

Over the past sixty years Kissimmee has seen a massive economic boom, its population reaching over 62,000 in the year of 2009. As Kissimmee continues to expand the population continues to grow, which means these great homes fly off the market fast.

Current Kissimmee House for Sale
Upscale Homes
4611 Cumbrian Lakes Dr, Kissimmee

Beautiful FULLY FURNISHED pool home in Cumbrian Lakes. This POOL home is fully furnished, down to the dishes and linens. This great buy is listed at $139,900!

Upscale Homes
618 Wisteria Lane, Kissimmee

What an opportunity! Celebration! Victorian Style home with white picket fence nestled on Wisteria Lane. This perfect vacation home is listed at $295,000!

Upscale Homes
7753 Tosteth, Kissimmee

What an opportunity! A 3 bed and 3 bath pool Home in Windsor Hills with TWO master bedrooms and under $300K The best part: It is NOT a Reo or a Short Sale! $279,900

Upscale Homes
4742 Ormond Beach Way, Kissimmee

A fantastic home in Kissimmee for only $105,000! What an opportunity! A town home near Disney, shopping and restaurants. Guarded and gated resort community with many amenities.