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Sea World Orlando Located directly in the center of the state it’s easy to see why the location for this major city was chosen here in Central Florida. When people visit the state for many reasons you will probably find that they landed in the Orlando National Airport, and for good reason. Orlando is a central hub for all the neighboring cities, and from this location you can get just about anywhere in the state with ease. Because of its great location and constant traffic the city has become home to a wide variety of entertainment, business and of course a home to many.

Orlando was and is the center of all the major produce in the Central Florida region. Because of its agricultural benefits in the soil the surrounding area quickly became thickly populated; and over the past hundred years continued to grow into what it is today. While the origination of the name for the area has several legends it widely believed that Orlando Reeves who’s life was spent fighting in the Second Seminole War and a contradicting story that said he worked a sugar mill was the primary influence. His grave was found in the area and his name was carved into a tree, people would refer to the area as “Orlando’s Grave,” which shortened itself in later years simply to “Orlando.”

Orlando's Citrus!Orlando however made its economic boom at the same time the surrounding cities did when an unexpected and adventurous guest came to the area. In 1965 Walt Disney’s dream was brought to reality when the news that the Walt Disney World Resort was going to make its appearance here in Orlando. Now over forty years later the Central Florida area has become the “number one destination for vacations” in the entire world and at its center is the great city of Orlando.

In the Orlando area you can find theme parks galore. Starting with the Walt Disney World Resort Theme Parks you have the Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Epcot and the Animal Kingdom. Disney also offers two separate water parks that are perfect for the many hot days in Central Florida. In the area you can also find the Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure and the frequently visited City Walk. Another popular theme park in the area is Sea World, and its sister park located right next store is the Discovery Cove where you can swim with the dolphins.

Among the major attractions in the area you can also find a wide variety of local entertainment. With Gatorland and Airboat rides on the various lakes you can get the most out of your money at these low cost excursions. With plenty of shopping including the mall and other large facilities to visit in the area the place thrives off entertainment and tourism.

First Baptist Church of OrlandoIf you are church going folks you will quickly find that the religious community in the area houses one of the largest First Baptist Churches in the United States. With a membership of over 15,000 the First Baptist Church of Orlando’s worship center seats over 5,500. The massive structure including its surrounding buildings span over a hundred and forty acres; the regular attendance of the church on Sunday morning is an impressive 6,000 over several services. The church originally started in 1871 with 18 people, and its unique history can be found at the church.

Orlando is home to a wide variety of schools and universities, in fact in the past few years the area has won awards for its outstanding education. Whether your child is looking for an Elementary School, Middle School High School or a University you can be sure to find some of the most prestigious schools in the area. This is a great scenario if you are new to the area and looking for a place to educate your children! Florida recently underwent a reevaluation of its schools and now under strict new codes the institutes only offers your kids the best of the best in curriculums and teachings.

The incredible boom in economy and size for the Orlando area can primarily be attributed to the theme parks and attractions in the area. However one standing feature that brings people to the area is that it is just a great place to live. With clean streets and quiet communities it is easy to see why Orlando has a population of over 235,000 happy residents.