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Celebration Homes

An Arial View of CelebrationThe illustrious Celebration area is located in Central Florida and is officially part of both the Kissimmee and Orlando area. Situated in the perfect position to have access to both cities the properties here are a location coveted by home owners everywhere. Over the past ten years the area has seen a rapid growth, nearly tripling in size. The small community of Celebration has blossomed into over five thousand homes, and is still growing. The unique history behind the areas development can be attributed to a well known organization in the Central Florida area, the Walt Disney Company.

Because of Walt Disney’s involvement in Celebrations up bringing the area is located right next to the Walt Disney World Resort. Just out of reach of all the commotion but just close enough that visiting the park is a quick and easy task. Celebration residents have access to the parks through Celebration Boulevard, allowing them to avoid the thoroughfares, just an added plus to the location. Since it founded the town in the 1990s the Walt Disney Company has passed control over most of the area to other organizations. This ensures that quality is still kept to the highest of standards as Disney ultimately still has control.

Celebration PropertiesThe unique style and atmosphere of the area can be attributed primarily to the incredible effort that Disney originally placed into the development of the area. With beautiful parks and storefronts this “Small Town” feel is a warm and relaxing aura. The town is split up into areas; these areas are simply called “Villages” for simplicity reasons. The Downtown area, where you can find all your shops and necessities, is where the villages stretch out from. Because of its rapid expansion the houses closer to the downtown area will be the oldest (As if any of these houses could actually be called “Old.”) The separate villages were built one at a time, stretching out from its connection to U.S. 192 further back into the now large area of Celebration.

The villages to the north are closest to U.S. 192, and house the Georgetown Condos as well as the illustrious Acadia Estate Homes. However, all the villages are situated around small lakes and ponds, making waterfront homes common if not normal. The unique design of each village offers maximum security and privacy to each and every home. Nearly 50% of these homes have children as of a 2000 census, meaning that small or large families are sure to be well received.

Downtown CelebrationOne of the spectacular attributes of Celebration is its incredible design and creation method. You could technically live inside Celebration and never own a vehicle. With shops and restaurants always just a short walk away everything you need is literally just down the block. As you enter Celebration you will quickly see the downtown area, full of all the shops, stores and entertainment. First you will see several banks, then restaurants and even local businesses. In t he back you can find one of Celebration’s greatest past times, a full sized theatre.

Inside Celebration there is an Elementary School a Middle School and even a High School! This means you can completely relax with the knowledge that your kids are just a few blocks away no matter their age! Walking your kids to school has never been easier in this great community! One of Celebrations best amenities is the hospital located right inside the community itself! Rest assured that you are close to professionals in the medical field all year long. The doctors here will even make house calls and visit people within the community, what more could you ask for?

The fantastic location and great planning behind this area make it prime property and a fantastic place to live. These vine covered brick walls and shady streets are a beautiful contrast to the area. With a club house in each village you can visit for great home cooked style food, a swim in the pool, exercise equipment and even a spa. The perfect planning that went behind this community makes it look and feel like a resort all year round!

Current Celebration Homes for Sale
618 Wisteria Lane, Kissimmee

What an opportunity! Celebration! Victorian Style home with white picket fence nestled on Wisteria Lane. This perfect vacation home is listed at $295,000!