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Upscale Homes in Central Florida

Upscale homes in Central Florida range can be found among the elite communities of the area. We have compiled a list of Orlando subdivisions, one of which may become the future community for you and your family!

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Our agents have gained the experience and knowledge to provide our customers and clients with information and recommendations about an upscale area in Central Florida that CANNOT be found in a simple MLS search.

Try us! We will provide free information and consultation if you do not yet have a specific property in mind.

We have provided service, and our expertise extends onto the following types of upscale properties in Central Florida:

  • Beachfront or Oceanfront Living
  • Upper Class Neighborhoods / Communities
  • Premier Locations
  • Fully Furnished Homes Available

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Special Offers
Luxury Homes
From the $300's

Larger homes offer a variety of benefits and a unique luxurious style of living, for those looking for luxury homes look no more!

Upscale Homes
From the $200's

Upscale homes tend to better fit the needs of a large middle class family with many family members or need for an office.

Midrange Homes
From the $100's

Mid-Range homes are geared towards smaller families; the low prices give you a great advantage to raising a small family comfortably.

Townhomes and Condos
From the $60's

Townhomes and Condos have become popular among locals and visitors, whether you’re looking to live or vacation consider these great offers!