1830 KING JAMES RD 1830 King James Rd, Kissimmee, FL
List Price: $548,960!
The almost half acre of land has so much value... it's on a cul de sac, privacy on the right side and panoramic lake views. Stop dreaming. The home of your dreams is right here ! Triple Net Leases
Triple Net Leases

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Orlando Foreclosures

Florida Home Foreclosures

Home prices in Central Florida are stalled out and now is the time to buy! Whether you're buying a home to live in or just as an investment, homes are being foreclosed at a record pace and you get buy Orlando area houses at huge savings!

Central Florida Real Estate

We provide sales and other services for Real Estate in the Central Florida area. Call us today or fill out a contact form and one of our Real Estate experts will assist you with any inquires.

Welcome to Rockers Real Estate

Kissimmee, Florida is 20 minutes from all the major Central Florida Attractions and 1 hour away from beaches on both coasts. Kissimmee is the ideal city location for tourists, families, and businesses. Start your Kissimmee Real Estate Search with us!

Our internet presence grows stronger every day to reach more consumers. You can use our Kissimmee Real Estate Search tool to look for any properties listed anywhere. New Homes, Resale's, and investment properties are only several clicks away!

Real Estate in Kissimmee Florida is a fast growing market. Whether you're in search for a home as a primary residence or searching for investment properties, we will gladly assist you and answer any questions you may have.

If you are interested in purchasing a home in Orlando be sure to check our our Orlando Homes For Sale page contact one of our friendly associates.

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Homes for up to Half Price

We can help you get all the Details of Houses in Foreclosure in the neighborhood you want! New listings daily. And we'll help you search for the potential equity available in these properties to maximize your investment.

Buying a foreclosure means first-time home buyers or seasoned investors have a way to purchase their homes at incredible prices, sometimes saving as much as 30% to 50% on the price of their home. And by working with a local specialist, someone who lives here and is constantly in the neighborhoods, you can feel confident that Marcy will put you in just the right house. We have listings in the following hot markets:

  • Orlando Homes and Foreclosures
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We also has new homes, re-sales, investment properties and more but it is vital that you work with a pro! Marcy is the best when it comes to finding you the perfect property. Sold properties below:

Fantastic Offers:
7904 Emperors Orchid Ct.
7904 Emperors Orchid Ct.

5 bedroom 3 bath with 2 master suites - Turn Key - Ready to go $337,220!

4886 Fells Cove
4886 Fells Cove, Kissimmee

Beautiful 5 bed 3 bath pool house located in desirable Fells Cove. This house is beautifully built with 3800 ft of space! This fantastic buy is listed at $259,900!

618 Wisteria Lane, Kissimmee

What an opportunity! Celebration! Victorian Style home with white picket fence nestled on Wisteria Lane. This perfect vacation home is listed at $295,000!

7753 Tosteth, Kissimmee

What an opportunity! A 3 bed and 3 bath pool Home in Windsor Hills with TWO master bedrooms and under $300K The best part: It is NOT a Reo or a Short Sale! $239,900


Why Short Sales Are Bad:

  • Delayed Response Time - Patience is the keyword when dealing with short sales, once you put an offer it may take a while to get a response - during this waiting period it becomes harder and harder to keep track of your order and the waiting also slows you down from making other offers because you are not sure when one will go through or if it even will go through!
  • Price Change - Seeing that the price is subject to bank approval which is not always what the seller lists it for, there is no number that is set in stone.
  • Headache for Both Buyers and Sellers - The short sale process is a very long one, you must be a very patient, persistent person who can keep great records and not fear the risk of being denied by a bank.

Disney Vacation Home Information:

There are areas east and west of Disney that are zoned for (STR) short term rental, this means if you'd like, you have the ability to rent your house out to vacationers or mix and match stays as you choose:

  • Live there year round
  • Lease it out full time on an annual basis

Another popular option is to pick the times you'd like to vacation here, and rent it out to short term vacationers on the dates it's open. Should you choose this option, the highest demand areas are off of highway 192 in Kissimmee east and west of Disney.

Florida Foreclosures

The State of Florida has been growing significantly over the past decade. The recent expansion in entertainment has made the Central Florida area a primary attraction for tourists. With so many people moving into the area and realtors trying to make a profit the market finds itself constantly shifting with activity. However, not every home owner or realtor knows the business, and houses are constantly being foreclosed in just about every corner of the state. While this is unfortunate for the owners it is however a blessing for you. With reduced prices and quality properties available you can find exactly what you want at a great price, and most likely in the area you need it!

Orlando Foreclosures

Orlando was recently rated as the “Number one Destination for Vacations,” and for good reason. Since the announcement of the Walt Disney World Resort in 1965 the area has thrived off tourism and attractions. Because the economy in the area is thriving, people tend to come and go, and the real estate in the area is heavily active. However, in the past few years the market has slowly leveled back out, taking a slower pace than the past year. With so many foreclosures in the Orlando area you can find a wide variety of great houses at fantastic affordable prices!

Disney Foreclosures

Disney is located in the Central Florida area, Orlando to be exact. As the “Number one Destination for Vacations,” the Orlando area has become a prime location to live. However people tend to search for places located as close to Disney as possible, offering them the opportunity to visit the parks whenever they want. However, the closer you get to Disney the more property prices are raised, lucky for you with so many foreclosures in the area these great homes are now at a fantastic and affordable price!

Auctions Take Place at the Courthouse

In the past the auctions for these foreclosed homes would take place on the steps of the Kissimmee Court House. This tradition carried on until it was later moved to inside the courthouse, where the auction takes place from Monday through Friday. With competitors and realtors at every auction you can view the houses before they go on the market and decide before hand your highest bid. This is a great and fair way to get the houses to buyers, renters and realtors!